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ASA After School Activities

At InterAmerican Academy, the After School Activities (ASA) program enriches our curriculum by making available a wide variety of activities to our students. The ASA program is considered an integral part of our school’s holistic approach to education by providing opportunities for students to grow physically, socially, and emotionally.  We expect our ASA program to further develop our students’ unique capabilities, interests and needs beyond the classroom. Participation in these activities is a privilege offered to and earned by students.


The ASA program seeks to follow the IAA vision of creating a learning environment where collaboration is promoted, practiced and modeled by our sponsors to nurture the development of the student as a whole. Our activities further shape students’ communication, problem solving and management skills.  Sponsors of ASAs model and reinforce these important skills that increase academic performance as well as social and emotional competencies. 


At InterAmerican Academy, we have three ASA seasons. Two weeks before the start of each season an Activities List is sent by email for parents to review with their child and start choosing the activities they want them to participate in.  A few days later they receive a Google Form to sign them up in the activities of their preference.  Activities are filled out in a first come first serve basis.  Some activities have a set number of seats based on the number of sponsors or coaches. 


All After School Activities run from 3:00-3:45 PM.   


Updated June 17, 2024