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Transitional Student Program




What is the Transitional Student Program?  

This program starts during the month of February when local families can enroll their children as transitional students in IAA for a smaller monthly fee than the usual tuition.


What is a Transitional Student?  

  • A student from a local school who is interested in enrolling in IAA.
  • A student who has just finished their academic school year.
  • A student who may not be very strong in English.
  • A student who previously or currently may not meet all admission requirements (may be enrolled on a trial basis until June).
  • A student wanting to go to the best English instructional school in Guayaquil.
  • A student wanting to attend University in the States, but started their academic career elsewhere.


A transitional Student is a “guest” in our school.  They will attend classes like all of our regular students (and with our students), will do the classwork, homework, and take tests and quizzes like any normal student.   The only difference is that the transitional student has completed their grade level school year in a local school and thus they have already earned the passing grades to be promoted to the next grade level in IAA next August. Transitional students don't receive grades.



What are the advantages of the Transitional Student Program?


English Immersion: 

  • Is by far the most efficient way to learn English.  All of our classes are taught in English.  A transitional student could receive up to 12 weeks of English immersion, they’ll be ready to enroll as a regular student in August.
  • Transitional students will have the chance to review one-third of the academic program taught at IAA in grade level that they already completed.


Reinforcement of pre-existing knowledge at our level of excellence:

  • As a result, they should be able to enter school in August as a regular student with a good background of knowledge taught by us the year before.


Transition to a new school without fear of failure :

  • Moving to a new school can be a frightening experience.  By attending classes at IAA as a transitional student, our guests will have time to make adjustments to their new school, its environment, procedures, and expectations.  After they finish the program, they can enjoy a summer vacation during the months of June and July and then enroll as a regular student in August.


Familiarity with Teachers/Staff:

  • Students will benefit from already having our teachers from the previous semester.  They will be familiar with our teachers, teaching habits, classroom expectations, and communication styles.


Make Lifelong IAA Friends:

  • Transition students will quickly realize our students are the friendliest around.  Now is the time to join the best academic program in Guayaquil.


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