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Experiential Learning Program

Experiential Learning Program
IAA Students at Machu Picchu
Experiential education at Interamerican Academy is rooted in the belief that the most impactful learning occurs when students are actively engaged with the material, beyond textbooks and traditional classroom boundaries. This approach helps students connect academics with real-world applications. Through hands-on experiences such as, Project Based Learning, Week Without Walls,, MUN and more , students develop critical life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and adaptability. Experiential learning also fosters personal growth by encouraging students to explore new interests, persevere through challenges, and reflect on their experiences to gain deeper insights into their capabilities and potential. Our program aims to prepare well-rounded individuals who are equipped to make meaningful contributions to their communities and the broader world.
InterAmerican Academy implements project based learning (PBL) in all classroom settings nursery 2- grade 12. Project based learning is a method of teaching where students are able to learn through actively engaging in real world projects. Projects are of student choice and deeply meaningful. These projects tend to be cross curricular and last at least a quarter of the school year, if not longer. Students present their learning in our bi-annual exhibitions of learning to our community, and outside community members. The academic experience at IAA culminates with a final project in the senior year of school, Senior Internship Project. By having multiple experiences for project based learning throughout their educational experience, students excel in their real world endeavors outside of the classroom. For further information, please be sure to look into our week without walls experience, as well destination imagination. 
Since 2016, IAA has strived to offer courses and curriculum that move from Maker Space in elementary school to STEM in upper elementary school and secondary school. In addition to Advanced Placement classes in Math and Science, we also offer an integrated technology program in grades 2-9. This program includes google suite training, technology awareness and safety, coding, and tech projects. Students design projects that allow them to show mastery in their learning. Teachers help move students through the appropriate standards giving them ample opportunity throughout the year to achieve mastery.
Destination Imagination (DI) at IAA has been on hiatus since the COVID pandemic, but will be returning this 24-25 academic school year! This opportunity will be open to students in grades 2-8.  Our students love to perform and Destination Imagination has given them the opportunity to challenge themselves and their creativity while also competing internationally. Destination Imagination’s goal is to empower kids to change the world. They do this through presenting students with STEAM based challenges that require innovation and creativity to find solutions. Students eventually come up with their own challenges, with the support of their teacher mentor, which they can present and compete on in the annual DI challenge. 
Updated June 17, 2024