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Mission & Vision



The Center for International Education provides students in Guayaquil with pathways to pursue post-secondary education in institutions across the world to meet their goals to acquire an education of high quality, while becoming professionals with a global mindset.




• The CIE supports students in every step necessary to reach their goal to pursue post-secondary education outside of Ecuador.


• CIE designs personalized pathways for students who aspire to pursue post-secondary education outside Ecuador.


• CIE guides the research process to identify the most ideal “best fit” institutions for students to be successful in achieving their academic and professional goals.


• CIE provides professional advice, guidance, and support in the application process for universities across the world.


• CIE creates opportunities for students in Guayaquil to learn about options available and in that way make informed decisions regarding their career and post-secondary options.

• CIE, through its language academy, ILA, provides education and training in world languages leading to the achievement of the proficiency required for admission in universities across the world.


• CIE provides standardized test preparation for students to achieve desire scores for their target institutions. 


• CIE adheres to high ethical standards and best practices established by professional associations of higher education such as the International Association for College Admissions Counseling (IACAC) and the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC).


• The CIE, as part of its commitment to support students gain access to quality education, provides information and guidance about available scholarships and financial aid.


• The CIE forms and strengthens strategic alliances with other local and international educational institutions to expand services and increase access for students seeking educational opportunities outside of Ecuador.


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