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Directors Message

Welcome to the IAA Family!Director, Dr. Don Francis

As we brave the challenges of a Pandemic world there is one thing that has become abundantly clear:
InterAmerican Academy is a special place! We don't just say we are a family, we live it! In March of 2020, our school transitioned from in person schooling to virtual schooling literally overnight. The world changed around us. We remained virtual for a year as teachers found ways to connect with our students and their families despite the pandemic and the challenges we faced.  

We have not waivered in our support of each individual student to find success and growth daily. Teachers visited homes of students, met students at the park and in the backyard of family homes, and shifted from a traditional 8 hour workday to a fluid 16 hour support system for students and their families as they prepared and trained themselves on new ways to connect with students in an entirely virtual world.

We love our students and are so proud of their resilience in this historic world pandemic. Thank you to the IAA family for your continued support of our teachers and students who are shaping themselves into positive future world leaders!

Best Regards,

Dr. Don Francis
Executive Director of IAA