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Message from Dr. Brian Horvath, N-12 Principal. Dr. Brian Horvath N-12 Our Approach to Learning
Early Childhood and Elementary Schools.
The 21st century is a period of change, opportunity, and challenges in Education. To make learning relevant for our students as we prepare them for their future, we take a clear but personal approach. Through our academic programs, we layer a strong sense of purpose with an ambitious vision for child development.
In our Early Childhood Center and Elementary School, we embrace Understanding by Design (UbD) as our curriculum framework - a planning process and structure to guide curriculum standards, assessment, and instruction. Also, through Project-Based Learning (in settings like our Makerspace), our younger students solve problems, question the world around them, and develop hypotheses in an environment of support and collaboration. We want our students to develop skills, build knowledge, and apply what they learn to a variety of contexts.
Teachers recognize that students have individual learning styles and that students make progress in different areas at different rates. We believe in differentiation and try to align the learning experience with the needs of each student. The partnership between school and home is crucial. We invite the school community to follow our Core Values, Mission and Vision, promote school spirit, and work closely with IAA to support our students’ unique learning journey.
Secondary School.
In our secondary school, we set high educational standards for all our students. Our classes are rigorous, and all subjects embrace Project Based Learning and Standards-Based Grading - all in a student-centered learning environment.  At IAA, we expect that each of our students shows capabilities that can be applied to a variety of settings, especially those beyond the classroom. All students are expected to be competent with the use of knowledge, be inclusive, innovative, and purposeful, and show perseverance toward goals.
Beginning in Nursery and culminating with high school graduation, IAA students learn, volunteer, share, participate, laugh, and prepare to influence their own worlds in far-reaching ways.
To this end, I am always happy to meet with you to discuss our amazing educational programs.
Dr. Horvath joined IAA in August 2021 and has been a school leader on four continents. Horvath holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Pittsburgh and has taught students from Grade 3 through university graduate school. Dr. Horvath is joined at IAA by his wife Ani (Grade 1 teacher) and his sons Mac (Grade 9) and Jake (Grade 7).