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Early Childhood Center (ECC)

Welcome to the Early Childhood Center
Welcome to IAA’s Early Childhood Center. In Early Childhood, we believe in the Hundred Languages of Children. We believe children use many different ways to show their understanding and express their thoughts and creativity. Children have infinite ways of discovering, thinking, or learning. Whether it is through acting, drawing, exploring, building, sculpting, painting, dancing, or singing, we value and nurture each one of these Hundred Languages.
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The early years are a time for young learners to test ideas, solve problems, develop trust, and build relationships with peers and teachers. This is a critical time in the child's development when play and cre
ativity need to be supported.

Because we understand that our students learn best through play and project-based activities, our Early Childhood Center looks for inspiration from Reggio Emilia and The Project Approach. 
We believe that our students deserve to be exposed to real experiences through activities that spark their imagination and nurture their creativity.
We want to allow our youngest students to enjoy time observing the world around them and forming their own ideas as we guide them on this journey and prepare them for Elementary School.