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Senior Project

The Senior Project is one of the requirements for graduation and helps our students to develop skills that will be able to use in future endeavors.


The objective of the project is that our students create and develop an original concept and product that demonstrates a clear focus and purpose, authentic outgrowth, an evident learning stretch and a community service component. The project is broken into three major components: the paper, the project (project, service and portfolio) and the presentation.


The school´s mission is as follows:  The InterAmerican Academy prepares sociably responsible global citizens by developing informed, adaptive, independent problem solvers, creative critical thinkers, effective communicators and discerning users of 21st century skills who are prepared for post-secondary education and life-long learning”. 


The Senior Project incorporates all aspects of the mission in the following ways:


  • Sociably responsible global citizens

The service project is an opportunity to share with community members the gained knowledge and expertise throughout the project.


  • Informed, adaptive, independent problem solvers

The personal project includes a physical project produced completely by the work of the student with advice from a mentor in the field.


  • Creative critical thinkers

The paper is comprised of a twelve page minimum MLA formatted research paper related to the personal project and meets the criteria for Common Core standards.


  • Effective communicators /Discerning users of 21st century skills / Prepared for post-secondary education and life-long learning

The student will bring the first two components together with an on-line portfolio and a final oral presentation that will be given in front of a panel of both faculty and community members. A faculty advisor will be assigned to help and guide the students through every steps of the project.