ABOUT US | MS/HS Principal's Message

Our Approach to Learning
The 21st century is a period of change, opportunity, and challenge in education. To make learning relevant for our students as we prepare them for a future we cannot predict we have to explore different learning avenues. Through our academic program we layer a strong sense of purpose and vision for teaching and learning.

In our middle and high school, we set high educational standards for all our students,and all our classes are rigorous. Most subjects use Project Based Learning, which provides our students with the opportunity to solve problems, question the world around them, and develop and test hypotheses in an environment of support and collaboration. We want our students to develop skills, build knowledge, and apply what they learn to a variety of contexts. For this reason, we strongly believe in our Education without Frontiers program, which allows students to apply classroom knowledge to real world projects and concepts. Being able to apply what one learns in the classroom into everyday life situations is what universities look for in applicants. 

At IAA, we implement differentiation methods and try to align the learning experience with the needs of each individual student. The partnership between school and home is crucial. We invite the school community to follow our Core Values, Mission and Vision, promote school spirit, and work closely with IAA to support our students’ unique learning journey. 

*Caitlin O’Leary joined IAA in March 2015. She has been teaching overseas for the past 8 years. She holds a M.A. International Policy, a B.S. in Environmental Science, Technology and Policy, and a U.S. teaching certificate from Columbia Teachers College in STEM Education.