SPECIAL PROGRAMS | Music Department


The Music program at IAA adheres to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts standards. The standards promote the student’s evolving perspectives on how to develop the skills to appreciate, create, and support music as one of the components of the performing arts. Through our program at IAA, the Music Department engages in innovative teaching that generates interests in all forms of music genres while exploring a wide variety of cultural rhythms that reflects the school’s student population. The Music program attempts to spark the student’s interest in music, and to meets the changing trends in education in order to accommodate the ever-evolving role of technology in our lives.

Through music the students will experience a close relation with all sound forms through different activities that include singing, moving, playing percussion and melodic instruments, listening pieces, improvising and making their own productions. Students will explore music concepts through songs from different countries and music of different styles. They will perform innovative activities involving songs and choreography, identify elements of sound, learn characteristics of sound and music, and participate in musical expressions through performances and school organized concerts.

The Music program at IAA will help shape the student’s perspective to incorporate all forms of aesthetic appreciation of sounds, rhythms, and instruments that can be found within their individual or collective environment.  We seek to mold a student who can actively participate in society’s initiatives to generate appreciation, critique, and participation in the creation of the various music genres as the expression of an individual/collective view of their present society.  

Listen to the IAA Highschool Choir clicking Last Christmas Song.

•Ms. Evelyn Loor

•Mr. Harold Pérez