SPECIAL PROGRAMS | Arts Department


At the Inter-American Academy (IAA) each students' enjoyment and understanding of the observed world is enhanced through engaging in art and design, as the inner worlds of feeling, imagination, reason and practical thinking are explored. They see that there can be changes and improvements, they learn to take pleasure in producing good work through increasing mastery of craft and other techniques, and they learn to value critically the contributions of artists and designers. 

The Art program at IAA adheres to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts standards. The standards promote the student’s evolving perspectives on how to develop the skills to appreciate, create, and support visual arts forms. Through our program at IAA, the Art Department engages in innovative teaching while it meets the changing trends in education in order to accommodate the ever-evolving role of technology in our lives.

The Art program emphasizes sequential learning of all art processes. The different units focus on techniques that allow the students to express themselves using a variety of colors and various tools, processes and media. The different units focus on selecting and organizing elements of design such as: line, texture, color, space, volume and balance. 

Students will have the opportunity to create through different artistic techniques and media such as: drawing, painting, printmaking, modeling and ceramics. Imagination, one of the principal factors for creation is being stimulated by a variety of appropriate reading, displaying of historical art examples, through books, multimedia resources, and real life observation.

The Art program at IAA will help mold the student’s perspective to incorporate all forms of aesthetic appreciation of forms, shapes, and colors that can be found within their individual or collective environment. 

We seek to mold a student who can actively participate in society’s initiatives to generate appreciation, critique, and participation in the creation of visual art forms as the expression of an individual/collective view of their present society.

Ms. Ma. Verónica Carcahe