ACADEMICS | Standarized Testing

The Counseling Department at the InterAmerican Academy coordinates and administers a number of standardized tests throughout the year.

Measures of Academic Progress TM (MAT)
Students from grades 2 to 10 will take this standardized adaptive, computer based test, which consists of Mathematics, Language, and Reading assessment. This test will be administered twice in the Fall semester and once in the Spring semester.

PSAT (grade 9 to 11)
It is usually administered in October and it is a preparatory test for the SAT. The scores and results give detail feedback and strategies to improve on academic skills in order to be successful when taking the SAT.

Advanced Placement Exams. (Grades 11 and 12)
These are administered during the first two weeks in May. See College Testing for more detail information.

InterAmerican Academy is an official test center to administer these tests. See College Center section in this website for more detail information.