Interamerican Academy has participated in the Ecuadorian Sports AASSA since 1998. This is an association in which American schools in Guayaquil and Quito (30 minute plane ride from Guayaquil) alternate hosting boys and girls tournaments in Volleyball, Soccer and Basketball. There are 3 seasons in which training takes place.

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the Ecuadorian Sports AASSA are:

-To provide students from the Ecuadorian Sports AASSA with an opportunity to compete in well organized and professionally conducted events.
-To provide students with opportunities to grow in sportsmanship.
-To provide students with opportunities for development in personal maturity and respect for the customs, habits and rights of others, especially for those of different national, racial, political, economic and religious backgrounds.
-To promote honest, courteous, enthusiastic, disciplined and well prepared events as a value as important as winning itself.

Academic Eligibility
• Students who participate in the Ecuadorian Sports AASSA events must be enrolled as full time students at their respective schools.
• Each school shall establish their own policies as to the eligibility of their respective students. Each school will only send students who meet the standards established within their own schools.
• The Directors of the participating schools are responsible for certifying the eligibility of their players