CIE CENTER | eIAA E-learning : Program Description


• K12 education in a blended, flexible format with asynchronous and synchronous learning.

• High school and AP online curriculum leading to a US High School Diploma open to students anywhere in the world.

• Office hours, and lab times for contact and support from teachers.

• Access to remote resources such as ebooks and library catalogue.

• Social-Emotional Counseling and college and career counseling services.

• Participation in all cultural and social events at IAA such as IAA’s Week Without Walls program and International Day.

• Opportunities for service learning projects.

• Credit system provides flexibility to complete requirements to receive the high school diploma. With some intensive courses offered over the summer.
• Students not yet at the language proficiency level required may need to take intensive English classes prior to enrolling in regular classes through our language academy ILA.

• Spanish immersion summer program for students outside of Ecuador interested in cultural immersion and language acquisition.

• Local host families will provide support to eIAA students when and if they are ever in the city, for instance, for testing or for language immersion programs.  They will provide a sense of community and belonging to the school.

• Exchange programs with host families. 

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