ADMISSIONS | Criteria & Guidelines


InterAmerican Academy invites all interested students to apply for admission to our school.  InterAmerican Academy considers all applications for enrollment carefully in order to ensure students are a good fit and can be successful in our rigorous program of study.  Admissions is granted based on the student’s demonstrated readiness for our academic program and space availability.

Decisions are made by the Admissions Committee in consultation with faculty, and are based on students admissions evaluation performance, previous school records, standardized test results, letters of recommendation, and other previous educational information.

For children with special education needs, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with the Admissions Office and the Student Support Department.  Interamerican Academy does support children with learning needs through the services provided by our Learning Specialists at an additional cost based on the amount of required support.  For children who are English-language learners, InterAmerican Academy English Language Learners specialists  (ELL) provide services according to their assessment results and grade level. 

Students applying from school systems that follow the southern hemisphere calendar are strongly encouraged to enroll during our Transition Program (February through May) as this ensures a better transition to our system and provides continuity in an academic setting.  Please learn more about our Transition Program.

Nursery 2 → two years of age by August 31st
Nursery 3 → three years of age by August 31st
Pre Kinder → four years of age by August 31st
Kinder → five years of age by August 31st
Grade 1 → six years of age by August 31st
Grade 2-8 → Student are evaluated according to their age and academic level to determine placement.
Grade 9-12 → In addition to age and academic level, English Proficiency, Math placement and transfer credits will be considered for grade placement.

Further information about admission process is available in the ADMISSIONS REQUIREMENTS SECTION