The InterAmerican Academy (IAA) of Guayaquil, Ecuador, strongly believes that “education neither begins nor ends in the classroom.” IAA created ACTS to help students realize their potential to become well-rounded citizens of their global environment. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some information about the ACTS program.

ACTS is an acronym for Action, Creativity and Service. We expect all students from 6th grade through 12th grade to take part in projects which encompass all three of these aspects in their lives. To complete the necessary number of ACTS hours is a graduation requirement at Grade 12. We expect our students to complete a minimum of 175 service hours, 88 Action hours and 88 Creativity hours, this can be accomplish by completing 25 service hours, 13 action hours and 13 creativity hours per school year.

Action projects are projects that keep the body, fit and use the body to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Taking part in group, team or individual sports is a great way to do this. Active service or creative projects could also count towards action credits.

Creativity projects are projects that allow the creative side of the person to come through. Taking part in projects in art, drama, music, dance, etc are wonderful ways to encourage this development. Taking part in teaching projects in service or coaching is also expressing creativity in a different way.

Service projects are projects that allow students to help others beyond their family or affiliations. We feel strongly that students should not neglect their family or affiliations, but these are not aspects of true service and students should go out of their way to help others beyond their immediate community in order to grow and develop thoroughly.

ACTS does not have to be carried out at school. In fact, we encourage all students to become involved in projects in the Guayaquil community.

Freddy Matute
ACTS Advisor

*Students must check their Plus Portals account to get the forms or contact your Advisor.