SERVICES | What is the Safety/Security Department?

Dear Visitor to InterAmerican Academy,

The Staff and Students of IAA would like to welcome you to our campus. We hope you enjoy your visit and would like to bring somethings to your attention :

•  Smile while you are on campus as IAA is equipped with, state of the art, close circuit cameras, that are both high definition and inferred for night vision. 
•  Please enjoy the safe campus environment and rest assured that all adults are under continuous supervision.
•  By wearing your “Visitor Badge” you have communicated to our community that you have checked in with our Security Staff and have been authorized to transit our campus.
•  If someone were to approach you regarding your business on our campus, please understand, IAA is a closed campus and everyone knows one another and someone who is not recognized will create doubt and questions.

Again, enjoy your stay at IAA with the knowledge that the faculty and staff is available for any of your questions or needs.

Further information, please contact our Security/Safety Department 
The security staff ensures that IAA’s closed campus is secured, by maintaining the principal points of entry (as well as Alternate points of entry).  

  - Supervising the security staff; 
  - Overseeing safety aspects of student related events on and off campus; 
  - Overseeing monthly safety drills for safety preparedness; 
  - Conduct routine safety and security inspections on campus; 
  - Maintaining contact between IAA and local law enforcement, as well as US Consulate Security Personnel; 
  - Conduct training of IAA Staff and Security personnel; 
  - Liaison for press releases regarding campus safety and security;  
  - Ensure the safe student entry and exit onto IAA’s campus; 
  - Oversees the on campus Security Council meetings; 
  - Other aspect that arises daily in performance of Safety/Security duties.

Inter-American Academy
Guayaquil, Ecuador