ABOUT US | Faculty & Administrative Staff

InterAmerican Academy’s faculty and administrative staff are a reflection of our current organizational culture, and is founded on values of respect, honesty, trustworthiness, friendship and kindness.  We promote a healthy and harmonic work environment in which every individual can express themselves freely.


Knowing our staff in numbers…


Educational Level 

Master Degree                                 31%

Bachelor Degree                            47%

University students (aides)          9%

Associates Degree (aides)          9%

TEFL Certificate                            4%

100% of our foreign teachers are all certified in their areas.

60% of our administrative staff have between 15 and 25 years of working experience at IAA.

We are proud of our diversity, we are inclusive and we welcome and respect all different nationalities, cultures, ethnicity and religious views.  

Here in IAA we are more than co-workers, we are friends, we are a family.