ABOUT US | Mission & Vision


InterAmerican Academy, working in a close relationship with culturally diverse families and communities, provides emotional and academic tools for students to excel through a challenging U.S. curriculum within a safe and caring environment. IAA nurtures students to become global citizens and leaders as well as discerning users of 21st Century Skills, prepared for post-secondary education and lifelong learning.


InterAmerican Academy believes that every child can learn and that it takes more than a school to help a child succeed.  InterAmerican Academy’s vision recognizes the importance for everyone in the learning community to come together in the spirit of teamwork and support the needs of every family and every child.  InterAmerican Academy is prepared to meet, and exceed in meeting its responsibilities; but we cannot do it alone. 

• Qualified Staff
• Involved Parents
• Learning Environment
• Engaged Students
• Inspired Learning
• Global Community

For the full version of our Vision Statement, click HERE.